• Why is a general contractor your key to the better life?

    One of the most modern and quickly developed professions like a general contractor is the topic of our article. We also mention its important meaning and not the last role in our changing world.

    We invited George Russel to tell us all his secrets about this mysterious and at the same time complicated job.

    «Working as a general contractor is not about making money, it's about coming people's desires true», - Mr. Russel said.

    As you know, he is a well-known and well-paid general contractor from New York City. His monologue undoubtedly can attract our attention as we all love luxury and wealth lifestyle. George could reveal everything from pleasant moments to angry clients.

    We considerably talked about the reasons men and women pay for their houses' renovation and design making and why general contractor services are becoming more and more popular.



    First of all, it will be correct to start with general contractor etymology. As we know, origin is a very vague thing. For example, «generous» has lots of meanings, therefore we cannot even mention all of them here because we take care of your spare time to waste it. To say briefly, «generous» is an adjective involving or relating to most or all people, things, or places, especially when these are considered as a unit. Cambridge dictionary says, so I guess, we should believe it.

    The next aspect is a contractor. Who`s that? The term «contractor» is used in many different industries. Sometimes the term refers to an individual (the phrase «independent contractor» is commonly used); while other times, a contractor might refer to an entire company that picks up work on a contract basis.

    All things considered, let`s call a contractor a person or company that arranges to supply materials or workers for building or for moving goods.

    Consequently, a https://grandeurhillsgroup.com/ is a construction manager employed by a client to coordinate a building project.

    A general contractor is responsible for providing all of the material, labor, equipment (such as engineering vehicles and tools) and services necessary for the construction of the project. We can say that he or she is a head of the building, designing and constructing process. A general contractor often hires specialized subcontractors to perform all or portions of the construction work. When using subcontractors, the general contractor is responsible for overseeing the quality of all work performed by any and all of the workers and subcontractors.

    «No doubt, it`s well-paid, but it`s tough», - Mr. Russel started with. – «Some clients can be very arrogant, fussy or rude. Despite the difficulties this job opens new horizons and develops creative and communicative skills»

    «To my mind, there`s a client, there`s a future building scheme and a general contractor is in the middle of all this stuff», - George Russel continued. – «I can handle projects of all kinds. Be it residential or commercial one, we can do all the best to complete the task. That`s why people trust me and my working experience. We bring the visions of your dream home or office design into reality. Every day we work as Santa Claus does. Men and women can pay for having their cozy houses or working zones because our big company can provide all the possibilities and design any building, room or the whole palace immediately. We truly grant people`s wishes».

    And it`s deservedly because Russel`s company is situated in the centre of New York City having a bright headline named «Wanna change your life?».

    1. What does a general contractor do?

    A general contractor is a construction manager employed by a client to coordinate a building project.

    2. For what reasons do people pay money for a general contractor`s work?

    They want him or her to control their future building project to check how everything`s going on.

    3. Why did George Russel compare his job with Santa Claus`s one?

    Because he grants people`s wishes in having a dream home, villa or a huge aesthetic flat in one of NYC skyscrapers like Santa gives children toys or candies.

    4. What`s the main disadvantage of working as a general contractor according to George Russel?

    Sometimes you have to work with unpleasant and arrogant clients who can be very selfish and rude.

    5. Why did the authors of this article invite George Russel for a small talk?

    Because he`s experienced, has an own company in the centre of New York City and works for a long time in this field.

    About George Russel.

    George Russel is fourty-four years old. He has been working as a general contractor since 2001. He has won in such projects as «Building Your Dream Life» and «The Best NYC Skyscraper 2015». George has worked with many big companies such as «Tetris», «DeltaRealty» and «MIAN». His company «Build Fast As You Can» (BFASC) includes more than 5000 successful deals and projects.